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Welcome to kbell_stillness, a Kristen Bell/Veronica Mars (the character) icontest run by bargaining for non-animated icons only. That's why it's a "stillness" challenge. ;) This is modeled after the original stillness challenge, buffy_stillness. Each week I will provide three caps/images (or sometimes blanks, lyrics, etc.) and members submit their icons. At the end of the submission period a voting post will be set up where the members vote for their favorite three icons. Then I'll post the winners and it all starts over again.

1. No animated icons. Again, this is why it's a stillness challenge.
2. Don't tell your friends to vote for you; don't post your icon anywhere until the challenge is over. If I find out you have your icon will be disqualified.
3. Don't vote for your own icon.
4. Make sure your icons fit the LJ icon size standards of 40K and 100x100 or smaller.

1. Post your icon as a comment to the noted post for that week.
2. All submissions must be received by the given date/time that the challenge post says. If you submit after the time noted, sorry.

1. Vote for your first, second, and third favorite icons. It won't be in poll format (I don't have a paid account), so you'll reply to the voting post. All comments will be screened. I'll unscreen them after voting is over.

Monday: New challenge posted.
Monday - Friday: Submissions accepted.
Saturday - Sunday: Voting.

wiloz_stillness vmars_stillness vm_epicontest xmen_stillness dd_iconcontest charisma_stills justveronica

If you'd like to affiliate, feel free to contact bargaining. :)

Thanks for reading and I hope you'll join!